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Italian Plaster Sample Venetian finishes.
Here are just a few of the many Italian & Venetian plaster finishes available from the GS Plastering team.
A mix of 2 different Textures allows a darker base to peak through a lighter Plaster. Allows that stone feeling to be applied to any comfortable den in a London Home
classic italian plaster marble finishitalian marble finishAn Old World SandStone Texture, relatively smooth to the touch, warmly rainwashed with Lime in warm tones.A semi-smooth SandStone Texture applicable to large surfaces as well as small. Old World feel that is much more organic and authentic than rolled on sand products commonly found in many homes.
2 Textures Classic Marble Marble Sandstone Semi smooth
These are just a small sample of the hundreds of possible colours, combinations and finishes.

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